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The Rules

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BU Rules

Harassment is not allowed.

-Harassment towards admins in particular is a serious offense and is punishable with a 10 day ban.

No racial/sexist/homophobic slurs or other discriminatory actions.

-The words N*g**r and R*t*rd are specifically not allowed and will result in a no-questions-asked mute.
-Obvious attempts to circumvent this rule by using slight variations like "R*turd" will still result in a no-questions-asked mute at admin discretion.
-Specifically, "Nigga" is allowed in a friendly context, at admin discretion.

No excessive cursing.

-Swearing is allowed in moderation. Just don't overdo it.

[Title Clause]

The rules above apply to titles as well. Titles are formal statements. They will be firmly held to these rules.

No hacks are allowed.

-The only exceptions are ghost and multiclient.

Scamming is not allowed.

-Admins may choose to reverse trades at their discretion, depending on the situation.
-Admins reserve the authority to determine whether or not a situation was a scam, and whether or not it should be reversed.
-If you have buyers remorse, that doesn't make it a scam.

Autoing is not allowed.

-This ranges between simply weighing down the CTRL button and using an auto script. Both are punishable with jails or bans depending on number of offenses and admin discretion.
-If an admin speaks to you when you are training, fishing, or mining, you must reply within 10 seconds or it will be considered autoing.

No server trading.

-No selling items or accounts for cash. This is considered a subset of server trading and will be treated as such.

No Account Selling

-You cannot sell or trade an account for items/cash/other accounts.
-Please note that you are allowed to give away your account for free. You just can't sell it.

Do not steal accounts.

-If you somehow come into possession of an account that does not belong to you [Via keylog, chat leak, or any other malicious method] the account will be banned, removed, or confiscated and returned to its rightful owner.
-There will be further consequences for the thief, depending on the situation.

No kill stealing.

-It's considered kill stealing if you start hitting a monster after another player has already lowered it to yellow health or lower.
-This does not apply in official events.

Respect the admins.

-In game, the word of admins is law. Disobeying admins is a punishable offense.
-Admins have no obligation to warp you if you ask, it's a favor - Not their job.

Items left on the ground are fair game!

-This means that if you drop an item as a joke and someone else picks it up, admins do not have to get your item back for you. It's up to them.
-This rule does not apply to any sort of glitched drop from a monster, where the person is unable to pick up the item even though it is their drop.

Do not attempt to deceive the admins.

-This mostly relates to trying to get out of jail early, or issuing false reports.

No begging.

-This is defined as repeated or bothersome requests for bones, items, help leveling, or adminship.
-Admins cannot help train you, or give you any bones/items.
-If you want to be considered for adminship, please file an application on our forums and do not bother our admins about it.

No spamming.

-This applies to both public and global chat. It is up to admin discretion if they believe you to be spamming.
-PM spamming is also not allowed, and PM spamming an admin is an even more serious offense.

Do not impersonate admins.

-This includes creating names similar to the admins name in an attempt to impersonate them or claiming to be them on any alt account.

No spam names.

- Example: lllllllll, llllljllii
-These names will be warned and asked to remake their characters into a proper name. They will be banned if they do not comply.

Do not be disruptive on global.

-Instigating or perpetuating arguments falls under this.
-Things like song lyrics are not allowed if they are disruptive or offensive. This is up to the admins and is decided on a case-to-case basis.

Do not ask to be warped to Bone or other HGMs.

-Admins are not allowed to warp you to these people. You must ask Bone or the HGM to be warped to them.

Do not ask to be warped to No-Warp Zones

-No-Warp Zones are any area requiring a scroll or a key, or any area preceded by a maze of some sort.
-Admins are not allowed to warp you to these areas.

No advertising.

-Do not advertise other servers on global. You can talk about them, just not with the intent of bringing our players there.
-You cannot try to recruit our members for other servers in any way.
-Do not link to malicious or offensive websites on global.

Do not exploit glitches.

-If you become aware of a glitch, exploiting it in any way is a serious offense.
-Report glitches immediately to the admins and do not spread information about the glitch to other players.

Do not abuse the Report feature.

-Reports are for serious help or reporting another player for a real offense.

Do not abuse Usage Rewards.

-Players who leave multiple alts online for the sole purpose of collecting Usage Tokens will have their alt(s) jailed.
-This is at the discretion of the moderators.

Do not threaten the server.

-This includes DDoSing or otherwise crashing the server. Threats to do so are a serious offense and will be dealt with as such.
-Attackers will be taken as threats and dealt with as such.

If you follow these rules you should never see the inside of a jail cell here on Bones Underground.
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