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Quests - Prizes & Locations

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Hey all, i'll be taking over the Quests - Prizes & Locations Thread made by Nurd.

Note: This guide will consist of permanent quests within the game and seasonal quests to correlate to the season.

1: A Kind Gesture
 - Prize: 1 Reborn, Devious & Joker Costume
 - Location: Island, accessible by Port
 - Task: Collect 50 Groupers, 25 Berries, 100 Meat Legs and kill Bone's Guardian

2: A Tale of Mayhem
 - Prize: 1 Reborn & 2 Caelic Charms
 - Location: Upper Dwarf Villlage
 - Task: Collect 100 Meat Legs, kill the Pirate Captain, collect 10 Buccaneers.

3: Attack on New Island
 - Prize: 1 Reborn & Half Blood Sword
 - Location: Top of New Aeven
 - Task: Kill a total of 52 Island Boys and 52 Elite Island Boys, and find the Spy's Friend.

4: Beginners Guide
 - Prize: Purple Lightsaber
 - Location: Road to Tut, next to Fishing/Three's
 - Task: Kill 10 Ravens, check out the Nomad's shop, and kill 15 Paper Dragons.

5: Crow Quest
 - Prize: 5m Exp Stone & BU Energy x50
 - Location: Road to Tut, after the beginning house.
 - Task: Kill 10 Crows

6: Defending Greece
 - Prize: Pink Arrows & 1 Reborn
 - Location: Greece
 - Task: Kill 25 Mutant Flowers, 50 Trojans, collect 100 Iron Ores and kill the Genie.

7: Help Rick
 - Prize: 1 Reborn & Lucky Hat
 - Location: Zomboy/Zombella training area
 - Task: Kill 2500 Zomboys and 2500 Zombellas

8: Kill Beetles(Rep)
 - Prize: 5m Exp Stone
 - Location: Beetlemania
 - Task: Kill 20 Beetles

9: Kill Dobbies(Rep)
 - Prize: 2mil Exp Stone x3
 - Location: Hogwartz
 - Task: Kill 50 Dobbies

10: Kill Wormers(Rep)
 - Prize: 2Mil Exp Stone
 - Location - Road to Tut Town, above Three's
 - Task - Kill 30 Wormsers

11: Lavaland Hero
 - Prize: Stardust
 - Location: Lavaland
 - Task: Kill 20 Lava Dragons and 20 Lava Imps

12: Lost Boy
 - Prize: Mommy Award & Daddy Award
 - Location: Road to Tut Town, house next to Fishing
 - Task: Speak to Amellia, search for Timmy and bring him home

13: Mad Scientist
 - Prize: SQB2 Faceplate x2 & SQB2 Bolt x2
 - Location: North of New Aeven, inside the small castle building.
 - Task: Kill the Squarebot 2.0 twice and kill 10 Squarebots

14: Max's Labyrinth
 - Prize: 2 Reborns & BU Monster Energy x20
 - Location: Tut Town, outside Mall
 - Task: Complete the Maze

15: Tortured Soul
 - Prize: 3 Reborns & Dynamo Katana
 - Location: Guild House
 - Task: Kill the Uni, Yeti, Barbarian, Bone Knight. Collect 100 Dream Scrolls, Troll Ears, Poisonous Apples, Island Caps. Collect 10 Genie Lamps. Claim a life in PK.

16: Welcome to BU Tutorial
 - Prize: 2Mil Exp Stone x2 & BU Ale x50
 - Location: BU Start
 - Task: Learn how to play BU and kill 10 rats.

17: Woodlands Monster
 - Prize: Satan's Cloak & Bar Wench
 - Location: North of Woodlands, inside the home.
 - Task: Kill the Woodlands Monster 6 times, camp it for a drop and kill 5000 Zombies.

18: Curing Alobe
- Prize: Vaccinator & 1bil Exp
- Location: Seaside Village, last house after Gnome spawn.
- Task: Speak to Alobe, enter her bloodstream and fend off 2500 Virus cells!

19: Stop the SkelKing!(Rep)
- Prize: Kings Crown
- Location: Elite Town Castle, close to the cave entrance to Basilisk.
- Task: The King has become overpowered by a spell cast from the Court Mage! Kill the Court Mage and the SkelKing, then return to the Loyal Guard for your reward.

20: Peace Amongst People
- Prize: Rivan's Garb & 1 Reborn
- Location: Isle of Thanatos, house close to the mountain.
- Task: Prove you're not part of the Cult of Thanatos by solving the Islanders riddle. Then attempt to being peace between the Cultists and the Islanders by collecting 100 Blue Stars as a gift from the Islanders. Help the Cultists discover the existence of a high being, 'Rivan' by searching for his Garb in the Island, and finally bring back evidence to Thanatos' existence by defeating him and returning his anchor!

21: The Marian Outlet
 - Prize: 15 Million EXP
 - Location: Marian Outlet Farm, Past Son of Satan
 - Task: Kill 250 Moles

22: Child's Play
 - Prize: Keek's ribbon
 - Location: Farm Cottage, On the sheep farm past Oaks Town.
 - Task: Help Keeks retrieve her ribbon back from Patrick.

23: The Quest for ZzZzZ's
 - Prize: Nightie and Night Cap
 - Location: Farm Storeroom, On the sheep farm past Oaks town
 - Task: Collect 30 White wool and kill 10 Sleep Sheep.

24: Arachnophobic Adventure
 - Prize: SQB2 E Cube and 1 Reborn
 - Location: Farm Storeroom, On the sheep farm past Oaks town
 - Task: Kill Overstuffed spider and then make contact with Dirks family.Then help the Guards kill the following:
-200 spiders.
-250 Bruising Spiders.
-300 Fatal Spiders.
Then Locate the missing Guardian and help Richard study the spiders by collecting and killing the following:
-50 Spider Silk.
-50 Spider Eyes.
-50 Meat Legs.
-350 Poisonous Apples.
-30 Basalisk.
-12 SQB2 Bolts.
-30 Black Wool.
Then help Richard posion the spider nest to save Dirk

25: The Thanatic Schism
 - Prize: 15 Leaves and Guardian Blade
 - Location: Oak Town
 - Task: Help Blake find out what happened to Gregory by Infiltrating the Holy   Order. Help Aziel the Holy Order General by collecting:
- 2 Manics.
- 50 Grouper.
- 30 Broadswords.
- 30 Legion Shield.
After helping Aziel report back to Blake and help him free the Prisoners while looking for Gregory.

Current Seasonal Quests:

If anyone has any questions about these quests, feel free to comment them, or ask me in-game! I'd be more than happy to answer them. More will be added as I go on.
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