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Pingiwins Admin Application Ya'll

Applying for: Adminish lol [I am a mapper and kinda pix/ kind quest writer]
Name: Brittany
Age: 27
Gender: I have boobs
Location: Georgia, Usa

Hobbies: Administrating is a huge hobby of mine, I've been doing it since I was 12 whenever I started managing forums. Normally I can handle forums while also being hired in-game, balancing the flow between isn't too difficult. Those instances I dealt with many more players and a bit more staff, so this shouldn't be too stressful for me.

About Me/Personality:I'm quacky and fun. I tend to help people more than I should. I know a rule and I know that they aren't meant to be broken. I've played BU in the long long past. When I found out about servers I want to say back in 2003 or 2004 is when I started playing custom servers. I want to say somewhere between then and 2006 is when I started playing BU. LORD has it changed. I'm very easy to talk to and I'm easy to get along with. I'm a friend at the most. :) I'm level headed. I only have an anger issue towards sheep....-_-

In-game name: Pingiwin
How long you've played: 2006 since or something like that

Past experience: I worked with Mamu [you all know who that is XD] on a few servers. Jaysworld, Jaysland, Salsworld, DarkOnline...etc etc.. I was an admin in all of those servers. I was the forum admin as well. Assisted with Eternity Online [aka Rettan from JET's server] I've had experience. I've had the training. Now it's just time for me to get back into the wing of things. :D

Examples of work: