New Event/Quest/NPC ideas.

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New Event/Quest/NPC ideas.

I had some ideas for the game that I would like to share:

The first is an event - kind of like BRE in ways.
I was thinking a new monster could spawn randomly and it be announced that it has spawned. The thing is this monster spawn event can happen on ANY map. This would encourage exploration and teamwork. Since it is an event the monster should have either a lot of HP or a lot of Evade (if not both) so that players definitely need help in killing it. It could drop a new item/item(s)/Event Coupon/ or Maybe even 1 BU BUCK since it is going to be hard to kill.

The second suggestion I had I have suggest to Kyle(Bone) before and maybe even spoke to other admins about it as well. However, with the addition of Pet Powers implemented - I think it is even more possible now.

I would like to see a monster that summons other monsters to fight along side it. Back in the day I suggested a Dracula NPC that spawned bats to fight along side it - Amy actually told me that this idea had also been thought of and discussed. Would would be unique is if that bats had a drain effect and gave the Dracula NPC more life/regeneration when alive. Depending on the difficulty of the NPC/Spawned NPCs this may also encourage teamwork. Another idea is if the Spawned NPCs are alive the Main NPC cannot be attacked - it becomes invulnerable. I know that would take some coding, but with Cirras' advances in the game I thought I may suggest it.

To continue, my third idea is another Monster Spawn idea. A shadow monster could spawn on any map at any given time but you don't know about it until it attacks you. It appears completely invisible. This would be an exciting new addition to the game because it would be an elusive monster that not everyone could just kill at any time. It could drop a new rare or something exciting to encourage players to hunt down the elusive creature!

A new Quest idea is a four part quest that evolves over time.
I was thinking that if an elemental sprite NPC existed we could have a year round Quest that changes with the seasons. Perhaps in the Winter an Air Sprite offers a quest that's reward is Wind Essence. Then in Spring a Water Sprite offers Water Essence. Summer a Fire Sprite offers Flame essence as a reward. Fall an Earth Sprite offers Earth Essence as Reward. This would then give players 4 items that could be used to get a new rare item or perhaps a Unique Pet. This also entices players to play year round that way they don't miss the next part of the event. Maybe some lore could be added around the sprite with the edition of its quest as well. Unique NPCs could be added to support the changing sprite. Earth/Water/Wind/Fire based monsters on surrounding maps may offer drops for the quest or have to kill so many to advance in quest line.

Server Reward Type of Events:
Maybe a new event could be developed that is hard in nature but with the use of skill and teamwork the players of BU could combine their efforts to win Server Wide Rewards - such as an hour of 10xEXP/10x Drop Rates or something to reward everyone in their valiant efforts.

Maybe it could be a race to get from one side of the map to another but NPCs that can 2-3 hit you guard the way. So players have to band together so one person can get to the end of the map without dying to claim the prize for everyone.

This list will continue to grow with new ideas/concepts to offer new content to the players of Bones Underground!
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Re: New Event/Quest/NPC ideas.

1st Idea:

Very similar to what Maplestory does. It's beautiful, gives the game more depth, and basically gives everyone a chance to get more out of things the more time they spend on BU.

Maplestory's version of this is not a random spawn, but the server keeps a counter of the number of monsters killed. You can actually see the counter to the right of your screen (another good idea that could be added) and every ~50-100 kills of the same monster spawns an "elite" version of that monster. There is no reset to this counter, unless the server resets. The elite version is semi-difficult in terms of power. The monster can be semi-difficult to solo and has spell effects that the original monsters do not, but drops decent equipment/more gold.

After ~10-20 elite monster spawns, an elite boss spawns on that map (completely different NPC GFX, could actually just use 1 GFX for the elite boss spawn) and keeps a server-wide message telling you what map it spawned on until it's killed. (to encourage teamwork, not let people hoard shit for themselves, yada yada). The elite boss is extremely difficult (In BU terms, NOT do half your HP bar in 1 hit to a 70th rb, but have extremely high HP/Evade and decent damage), nearly impossible to solo and drops high grade equipment/good donation items. In BU terms, it should drop not just 1 BU Buck, but I'm talking about maybe 10. Not the best shit, but maybe up to BoF so everyone isn't running around with expensive AoE shit. It's drop should be RANDOM to whoever hit it, and NOT based on damage nor last hit.

The only issue would be that BU is a craft server so you may get complaints about "omg i work so hard 2 craft and u get a drop u dont deserve" and other idiotic non sense. But all in all, this would literally fix the economy issue BU has, actually let others save up and have a good amount of gold instead of just the few that have the majority of BU gold, and give you an OPTION to getting through the craft chain in a more unique way. (again, this boss spawns about every 500-2000 of the same monster killed, and should not include the lore craft. This would NOT be a permanent way to avoid crafting)

2nd idea:

Ice Queen used to do this, not sure if it still does. As soon as the Ice Queen spawned, every NPC on that map becomes aggressive/spawns more often and starts attacking you. I think it's a good idea and again, adds more depth to the game. This would also give more options to whoever sets the difficulty of NPCs because you would have another way of adjusting difficulty of a boss. (example: 1 boss spawns very weak mobs, but the boss itself is strong. Another boss spawns stronger mobs, but the boss is weaker, etc)

3rd idea:

I've never seen any game do that and it seems like it would be EXTREMELY annoying , especially if you're soloing a hard boss. I personally don't like it, but hey ideas are ideas.

Quest idea:

This I definitely approve of. It would give more motivation for people to just login to the game and have something to do that doesn't require much effort aside from the quest itself. Another thing is that the quest should DEFINITELY include a message about it as soon as you login.

Server reward idea:

Another really good suggestion, but I don't agree with the race part of it. The connection speed of each BU player is DRASTICALLY different. Maybe a different event, but the idea itself is a good one.