My Opinion On Changes Needed!

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My Opinion On Changes Needed!

So hello fellow BU goers, I am 'Standard' ingame (Former EO Test Player)

Ever since the downfall of EO i've urged to find a server with good content and a good community, BU has good content and a good community... But i feel with each update the game gets harder to grasp as i explain:

Crafting can be fun but shouldnt feel like a life draining activity.

How i would change BUs current crafting system:
For a New player to look at the crafts and be put off should not exist we need more people to build this community, So with this been said lets look at weapon crafts... Currently you need around 5 Valiant Blades to achieve crafting into a BoF which only seems like half way to the new stuff (AoE) etc.. now as someone who hasn't started on Weapons looking at this is scary! What should happen is when a new update comes out a weapon from down the crafting line should drop for example as the weapons line is long maybe its time for Valiant Blades to drop! What easy? Noooo Let the built up players who kill hard bosses and get drops be able to get them and sell them (Currently GLB chat is dead with selling item/Buying) Make currency useful again spend millions on craft items make them sellable or something ''Even a NPC'' To sell high end items then while you grind for gear you're recieving bones for items too.

(This might be confusing but i hope you get the point)

Second Option:

Make the crafts progress in a smooth flow like:

Valiant Blade -into- Dark Crusher -into- Sword of Kings -ETC

Having to go back and craft up is a long boring progress once i got to Ikarim Armor it was kinda fun except 2x Cybertrons was sorta boring but if you make the crafts feel shorter (Because im going to say it... Drop rates suck) maybe have a NPC who changes your Male/Female pieces into the other gender with 100k Bones would make this feel better.

Okay okay... Im done with that for now its kinda late so i may of explained it awkwardly feel free to question me on any part.


If crafts are made easier and more fun to make we can add other options too! Like a craft  to add AoE thats not hard but fun 'Or force a Quest on people' for it. Make it fun less stressful, Lets make BU even more fun and lets try and draw in new players so one day we can get a trading market going on GLB Chat as currently that doesnt exist xD

Don't take this to heart it's simply my opinion!
- Standard
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Re: My Opinion On Changes Needed!

I know  that they are working on making BU better. I know they are working on drop rates and crafting as well.

I think we just have to wait and I think that's why the utilization of players voice is a big thing as well :D

I can agree about the drop rates and crafting though.