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In Game Issues [Warps, Quests, Etc]

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I'm making this my personal forum to point out current issues with map warps or quest s etc in the game that I feel need to be brought to attention to be fixed. I'll update this post as time passes and I find new bugs/glitches etc with the above listed items. c:

Cyberton/Cybertonia Map Warps

The warps on this map (In bottom left) are supposed to lead back to map 336 x : 3 and y : 1, but instead lead to nowhere. the map ID of the image is map 344.

Welcome to BU Tutorial Quest (I know this has been pointed out multiple times, but it is still broken) + A Quest for Freedom

As you finish the quest and turn it in the final state of the quest stays as such and does not get ''finished'' and removed from your quest log and added to your book.

Guild Ranks Bug

The guild ranks (All ranks) completely and always reset to the default ranks almost immediately upon changing them.

The Magical Door (Stronghold Village)

This ''Magical'' door in the stronghold village (To the right side of the village ,first building) takes you to the little volcano monsters outside of the volcanis area.

New Aeven Scroll

When used the scroll takes you to nonexistent coordinates of the new aeven map, and unless you have a scroll to somewhere else or a flute you are stuck there until an admin warps you out of the black map.

New Island Missing Wall/Edge

Right before the bridge to get to the skeleton knight, or the spy's friend for the new island quest, there is a single wall by the edge of the map by the stairs that allows you to wonder off into the map.

Scaralina Map (Map before Tut & after Death spawn map)

I'm not sure if this is technically a map bug or not with not being able to go back out, but the way I see it is I thought the two tiles (the one I'm and and the tile to the left of me) at top of the map where I am should have been the way back out of the map.

I update these AS I FIND THEM, so there IS more to be added.